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Abstract :
Antescofo is an interactive music software and result of a common effort between Ircam and Inria research teams. It is a score following system equipped with a synchronous language for computer music composition. Arshia Cont, the head of the joint research team MuSync, explains the fundamentals and applications of Antescofo in parallel to musicians practicing and preparing new pieces with the software.
The module allows automatic following of a music score using real-time audio from live musicians on stage; and thanks to its synchronous language, it accompanies the musicians with its own actions synchronously bringing the computer as a musician in the equation.
In this movie we observe in chronological order: Claude Delange (Saxophonist), Philippe Manoury (Composer), José-Miguel Fernandez (Computer Music Designer), Ichiro Nodaïra (Composer) and Marco Stroppa (Composer).
Date of production :
Duration :
09 min 16 sec
Language :
Version française
Available languages :
Français/Anglais (titrages)
Other language :
Research center :
Keywords :
Master N° :
Scientific author :
Production :
Author director :
Gaumin, Pierre-Olivier
Permalink :

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480 x 270 pixels
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512 kbits/s

Format : .mp4
342,6 MB
1024 x 576 pixels
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