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Abstract :
In the Western world, cardiac arrhythmias are the leading cause of mortality, and the stakes for treating these diseases are huge. The Inria Asclepios team (Epione since 2018), in partnership with the IHU Liryc, developed the MUSIC software dedicated to cardiac interventions. This software allows better visualization, better diagnosis and better guidance for clinicians to treat these pathologies.
Are interviewed: Pierre Jaïs (Cardiologist / IHU LYRIC), Hubert Cochet (Radiologist / IHU LYRIC) and Maxime Sermesant (Researcher Inria / ASCLEPIOS team)
Date of production :
Duration :
07 min 15 sec
Language :
Version anglaise
Available languages :
Research project-team :
Research center :
Keywords :
Master N° :
Scientific author :
Production :
Inria - direction de la communication
Author director :
Gaumin, Pierre-Olivier
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