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Abstract :
Botanical and agricultural researchers employ modelling to understand plant growth, manage the state of vegetation and to control and predict its production ; they create virtual plants.
The work involves constructing models in order to improve understanding and to simulate and predict the development of plants and the functioning of ecosystems, in interaction with their environment.
At the Agropolis foundation in Montpellier, several teams of agronomists, mathematicians, botanists and information technologists, are developing models and simulation techniques for plants. By working in networks and forming joint teams, the creators of the virtual plants can respond to the many challenges presented. These include adaptation of plants to poor soil conditions and even understanding the genetic mechanisms responsible for growth in plants. The experimental programmes.
Interviewees : Daniel Bathélémy (CIRAD), François Bousquet (CIRAD), Philippe De Reffye (INRIA), Christophe Godin (INRIA), Frédéric Huynh (IRD), Benoît Jaillard (INRA / Montpellier Supagro), Jérémie Lecoeur (INRA / Montpellier Supagro).
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Version française
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Langlois, Arnaud
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