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Abstract :
Presentation of CyCab, a small, self-service, electrical vehicle, designed by INRIA in collaboration with INRETS, EDF, the RATP and the manufacturer, Andruet.
Cycab is the size of a bicycle, with neither wheels nor pedals. It is simply provided with a mini-handle and is entirely computer controlled. The embedded information technology uses of a network of microcontrollers together with the SynDEx software program (both developed by INRIA). The assisted, or entirely automatic, driving modes, are currently being tested at INRIA.
The CyCab will be linked to an urban information system which can be accessed using a small multimedia terminal that is available in the vehicle or from terminals positioned around the town.
To ensure promotion and commercialisation of the CyCab system by local authorities, INRIA has signed a partnership agreement with Avenir France.
The film demonstrates the simplicity of use of the vehicle.
Date of production :
Duration :
03 min 02 sec
Language :
Version française
Available languages :
Research project-team :
Research center :
Keywords :
Master N° :
Scientific author :
Production :
Inria - Service d'information et de communication scientifique
Author director :
Blonz, Christian
Permalink :

Format : .mp4
14 MB
360 x 270 pixels
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Encodage PAL MP4 H264
512 kbits/s

Format : .mp4
102,7 MB
768 x 576 pixels
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