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Abstract :
For Christophe, who cannot see, taking the bus every day is not an easy matter. He cannot read the numbers on the bus nor the route directions. By using his PDA (or his portable telephone), Christophe's problems will be cleared up thanks to Ubi-Bus, an ambient computing application.
The result of work carried out by Project Aces (INRIA Rennes-IRISA), this solution, in the case of Ubi-Bus, makes use of spatial computer systems that make possible spontaneous exchanges between user and the bus, the bus and the bus stop, as well as between the user and the bus stop.
Even if 'Ubi-Bus' is a fictional report, the technoloy presented in this film is completely operational.
Date of production :
Duration :
09 min 03 sec
Language :
Version française
Available languages :
Other language :
Research project-team :
Research center :
Keywords :
Master N° :
Scientific author :
Author director :
Blonz, Christian
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