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Abstract :
How can we re-invent vehicles suitable for transport in the centre of large towns ? This is the question that the MobiVip research project (Individual public vehicles for town centre transport) attempts to answer. A public presentation on this issue was also set up for three days in the Place Stanislas in Nancy.
Researchers, industrial workers and politicians all showed interest in this project, which demonstrates the interaction between fundamental and applied research. The film enabled the audience to imagine what transport will be like, in a few years time, in the centre of our large towns.

MobiVip, is a research project from Predit 3, the group for integration of information technology and communication systems. Its R&D programme brings together 5 research laboratories and 6 private organisations (SMEs). Together they investigate, demonstrate and evaluate the impact of new information and communication technologies (NTIC), on a novel transport service for town centres. This service consists of small urban vehicles and their integration into existing public transport systems.

In this film there are interviews with :
- Thierry Chanard, GEA town planner
- François Charpillet, senior research scientist INRIA
- Bernard Duhem, General Secretary of PREDIT
- Bernard Guellard, Edf, Electrical transport department
- Claudine Guidat, First assistant to the mayor of Nancy
- Hélène Kirchner, Director of INRIA at Lorraine
- Ludovic Valadier from the French Ministry of Research.
Date of production :
Duration :
10 min 25 sec
Language :
Version française
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Research center :
Keywords :
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Scientific author :
Author director :
Blonz, Christian
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