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Abstract :
Some examples illustrating the diversity of research solutions to industry issues in the areas of monitoring, prediction, optimization and control of complex phenomena.
Four fields of application are shown:
- telecommunications for the calibration of microwave filters with CNES,
- the study of natural phenomena: meteorology with Météo France and the study of phytoplankton growth with CNRS,
- the car industry with Renault and the Praxitèle development action,
- hydraulic power plants for the management of diversion bays with EDF.
This film was shot as part of the INRIA-Industry Days, held on November 16th, 1996.
Date of production :
Duration :
17 min 13 sec
Language :
Version française
Available languages :
Research project-team :
Research center :
Keywords :
Master N° :
Scientific author :
Production :
Author director :
Carvajal, Elena
Permalink :

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