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Abstract :
Bacteria and viruses are becoming more and more resistant to antibiotics. The objective of the European, MOSAR project is to improve control of the propagation of infections, and nosocomial infections in particular.
The objective of the INRA Pasteur Institute-INSERM collaboration, under the 6th framework programme, is to study the relationship between the propagation of infections and interactions between people. With this aim in mind, an investigation will be undertaken at the Maritime Hospital at Berk, which consists of equipping all of the people at the hospital with small communicating sensors, designed to record the contact and interactions between individuals over a six-month period. The data will be compared with data on antibiotic prescriptions and with regular microbiological samples and analysis. The numerous technological and scientific challenges to be tackled include : producing sensors with sufficiently small dimensions which are autonomous from an energy point of view over the six month period ; designing effective communication protocols in order to enable a dynamic operating network and to ensure collection of data ; analysing the data collected.
The experiences of the various participants in the project will enable understanding of the issues and the problems :
- Didier Guillemot, the Mosar programme manager, medical epistemologist, Pasteur Institute
- Jérôme Salomon, medical doctor AP-HP, Paris
- Éric Fleury, professor at ENS Lyon, INRIA
- Guillaume Villemaud, senior lecturer, INSA at Lyon, INRIA
- Antoine Fraboulet, senior lecturer, INSA at Lyon, INRIA.
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Lausecker, Odile
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