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Abstract :
Nowadays, cancer has become the first cause of mortality in France. Research tries to improve existing anti-cancer-therapies and treatments to kill cancer cells present in the patient's body. Several research teams currently explore the possibility of administrating anti-cancer drugs at specific times of the day, thus taking into account biological rhythms of the patient over 24 hours : this is called chronotherapy.

Chronotherapy is already being used in clinics. It allows to decrease toxicities and enhance efficacy compared to standard chemotherapies. Recent clinical studies suggest that optimal administration schemes may vary according to the patient's genetic and circadian profile. Our combined experimental and mathematical approach aims to design personalized chronotherapeutics for each patient.

Collaboration U776 (Inserm) and the Bang project-team (Inria)
Date of production :
Duration :
04 min 31 sec
Language :
Version anglaise
Available languages :
Français / Anglais
Other language :
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Research center :
Keywords :
Master N° :
Scientific author :
Production :
Production Inria - Direction de la Communication (Christian Blonz)
Author director :
Langlois, Arnaud
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