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  • Clip for the 5th Internet World Wide Web conference
  • Praxitèle video clip, long version
  • Clip Praxitèle (version courte)
  • Volumetric textures, III : Synthesizing verdant landscapes using volumetric textures
  • Texels
  • Vers des robots autonomes. [Towards autonomous robots]
  • Towards autonomous robots
  • SIAMES 96: image synthesis, animation, modeling and simulation.
  • Visual servoing techniques applied to underwater vehicles.
  • CHARM project, including real-time control.
  • VLT simulation
  • Grasping and physical models.
  • Customizable turnkey models for dynamic locomotion
  • Eurographics' 96 : bande annonce, version courte [Trailer- short version]
  • RII - L'automatique : surveillance, prédiction et contrôle Automation: monitoring, prediction and control
  • UNION (UNderwater Intelligent Operation and Navigation)
  • Random Caustics : Wave Theory and Natural Textures Revisited
  • Rendez-vous : a cartoon-looking rendering of a 3D computer animation.
  • Dynamic locomotion : the trout.
  • Simulation of the illumination in Cour Carrée du Louvre
  • Simulation of Paris bridges illumination.
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