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  • Concours Alkindi : Christina Boura. [Alkindi contest]
  • Concours Alkindi : Matthieu Lequesne [Alkindi contest]
  • Concours Alkindi : Anne Canteaut, choisir un mot de passe.[Alkindi contest with Anne Canteaut : choosing a password]
  • TRPM : a TDNA-aware routing for multi-hop communications in VANETs (Vehicular Ad hoc NETworks)
  • Communication protocols for Vehicular Ad hoc NETworks (VANETs)
  • Protocoles de communication pour réseaux véhiculaires ad hoc [Communication protocols for Vehicular Ad hoc NETworks = VANETs]
  • Snow How
  • Présentation de Myzyar Mirrahimi [Short presentation of Myzyar Mirrahimi]
  • Just-right consistency with Antidote
  • SmartMarina - IoT-based Management Solution for Marinas
  • SmartMarina - IoT-based Management Solution for Marinas [SmartMarina : réinventer le port connecté]
  • Pollutions environnementales : mesure et cartographie collaborative [Environmental pollutions : collaborative measures and cartography]
  • RII : cybersécurité. Programmation sécurisée avec cryptographie (équipe-projet Prosecco) [secured programing with cryptography]
  • Fête de la science 2016 : F. Nashashibi [Science faire 2016]
  • Inria / French Académie des sciences Young Researcher Award : K. Bhargavan
  • Inria / French Académie des sciences / Dassault Systèmes Innovation Award 2016 : Marc Pouzet
  • Save the peaches
  • Save the peaches
  • Inauguration of Inria de Paris research center, as the research center Inria Paris - Rocquencourt moved (2016)
  • RII - Inria-Industry meetings on SmartCities : Animesh Pathak (MiMOVE) presents UrbanCivics and the SoundCity app.
  • RII - Inria-Industry meetings on SmartCities : F. Nashashibi (RITS)
  • Inria-Industry meetings on SmartCities : Vivien Mallet (CLIME) talks about combining digital simulations and observational data for the simulation of air pollution
  • Animesh Pathak's career. [Le parcours d'Animesh Pathak.]
  • Benoît Perthame, Grand Prix 2015 Inria - Académie des sciences [Inria – French Académie des sciences Grand Prize 2015]
  • Inria Inside : Animesh Pathak
  • RII - Future telecoms with HIPERCOM2
  • RII - Télécoms du futur avec HIPERCOM2 [Future telecoms with HIPERCOM2: communication protocols for wireless networks]
  • Smart cities : une collaboration rapprochée Inria [a close collaboration Inria - Citris]
  • RII - Premia, plateforme numérique pour la finance quantitative [Premia: a digital platform for quantitative finance]
  • Cancer chronotherapeutics.
  • RII - Tookan : recherche automatique de failles de sécurité dans les appareils cryptographiques - [Tookan: automatically searches for security flaws in cryptographic devices]
  • Francis Bach : Prix Inria du jeune chercheur 2012 [Young researcher Inria award]
  • Pierre-Louis Lions : Grand Prix Inria 2012 [Grand Prize Inria Awards]
  • Digital excavations in Pompeii : from archeology to artificial vision.
  • Véhicules du futur - autonomes et communicants
  • Cancer chronotherapeutics.
  • RII - Intelligence ambiante pour les communautés nomades [Ambient intelligence for nomadic communities]
  • RII - Recherche par le contenu d'objets 3D [3D objects content research]
  • RII - Astrée : preuve d'absence d'erreurs à l'exécution [proof of absence of errors in execution]
  • RII - Simulation de la pollution atmosphérique [Air pollution simulation]
  • Alexander Zeh is a cryptography student preparing a double degree at Télécom ParisTech and the University of Stuttgart.
    In this film he explains the subject of his internship at INRIA as part of the SECRET team, and takes stock of his experience at the Institute.
    He won the 2008 TELECOM Foundation Award in the category of best scientific/technological internship and this filmed account of his project was shown to the public during the award ceremony on the 12th of March 2009.
  • Cybercars dans la ville de demain [cybercars in the city of tomorrow]
  • Cybercars in the city of tomorrow
  • MIRAGES demo
  • The Visual Copy Retrieval
  • La simulation numérique de la qualité de l’air [Numerical simulation of air quality]
  • Prépositionnement automatique de vêtements 3D sur des mannequins numériques [Automatic prepositioning of 3D clothing on digital models]
  • CyberCars CyberMove
  • CyberCars CyberMove
  • Ozone away environment
  • Maillages Déformables - Version courte
  • Deformable meshes - Adaptive remeshing for material forming
  • Maillages Déformables - Remaillage adaptatif pour la mise en forme des matériaux [Deformable meshes - Adaptive remeshing for material forming]
  • Numerical modelling of an acoustic guitar.
  • A la recherche d'un langage commun [Looking for a common language]
  • Simulations élastiques [elastic simulations]
  • Modélisation numérique de la guitare [Numerical modeling of a guitar]
  • Space-Time Mesh Refinement for Maxwell's Equations.
  • Non-linear wave propagation in a 3D geometry.
  • Visiting Committee Presentation Jan. 14, 2002
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